Lebanese Alternative Learning

Let’s integrate Art and Cultural Heritage in our schools.

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Art and culture are an essential component of education, especially in times of crisis. They allow us to safeguard our humanity against all odds.
On Tabshoura, LAL has successfully piloted some art and culture digital projects. 
We aim now at building a real curriculum across elementary and middle school and equip the children with an analytical approach to works of art and expose them to our country's tangible and intangible heritage.
This project will be carried out with SILAT, an organization believing in the transformative role of Culture in socio-economic and human development of societies and communities, and Dr. Zeina Meskaoui, who holds a PhD in Art History (modern and contemporary) and Critical Theory. 
If you believe like us in Art and Culture for societal change, choose to donate for this project.
Objective to raise: $50,000 
Program start at: $5,000